Creative Solutions:

When Community Comes Together

Written May 13, 2020 (Updated and published May 30)

This morning, I received an email which effectively thwarted my carefully laid plans. An order from a merchant who may not still be offering this weekly service when I want it, successfully placed and paid for. Check! Recipient, arranged. And now, it was all thwarted, and here I sit, halfway across the world, wondering why so many things this week just aren’t working out and doubting myself.
Note: one of the things that wasn’t working out, magically DID work out at the very last minute, and worked out perfectly. A Mother’s Day gift from a local merchant, supporting a charitable cause. YAY!

Am I out of flow with the Universe? Out of sync? Is what I’m asking for so wrong, so difficult? I suppose I should be more sensitive to people in other countries, who don’t have the same level of freedom that I do in Taiwan (we haven’t had a single case of community spread in well over a month). And in that doubt, I felt it. I felt the fear and noticed it, and chose again.

Because everything we do in life is a decision, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The key is to become AWARE of the decisions we make, day in and day out, moment to moment. Is the choice to wallow in self-doubt, self-pity, and frustration serving me or, for that matter, anybody? No. It’s so human and I make a further choice not to beat myself up for my humanness, and to carry on anyway.

I choose again. I look at this situation from another angle.

There is always a solution.

It’s time to get creative, I decided! I love resourcefulness, I love community, I love fun, and I love planning fun surprises.

So, getting creative. I take a deep breath, and choose to look at this from a fresh perspective: a perspective of fun, and of enlisting the help of others. Do I sit here thinking, “Butttt I don’t want to bother anybody,” “I shouldn’t trouble them,” or “No one will want to help out…”? NO. No. Because I don’t believe it for a second, and I just don’t let my mind go there. I know SOMEONE will also share my excitement and want to participate in this fun, festive plan (from a safe distance, of course). And to my community I go!

Within minutes, sure enough, I have a volunteer who shares my enthusiasm, and we wrangle up a solution to this problem. It gets further complicated, but I am now firmly planted in this new (more fun!) scenario, and we agree to all work together on this surprise.

Now, although the scenario is most certainly not what I had first envisioned, it is actually even better, more fun, and more people get to join in the celebration in their own way. As my coaches have pointed out, “It’s always this, or something better.”

Life does not conspire against us, it conspires FOR us.

Britt Lao

When we make plans based on service, on helping others or making the world a better place in some way, and not just for our own self-interest, the entire world conspires WITH us and FOR us. Situations and people rearrange in ways we can’t begin to dream of. Sometimes, often really, it does not look how we imagined. It’s okay to let go of your image.

Focus on the service, on the outcome, and be amazed at what happens to make it happen! Trust in life, choose to stay focused on a positive outcome, and the world will conspire to make it happen.

A generous spread of charcuterie cheeses and meats
Charcuterie Tray from Salt Spring Kitchen Co.
Photo, pickup, and beverages courtesy of LeeAnn Verboom

Thank you to the wonderful people who made this come together!
In love and service,

Curious about what this mysterious happening was? My mom and stepdad celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary on May 29th, at home in a pandemic, when they were supposed to be finishing up several months of globe-trotting travel. I wanted something they could both enjoy, and something that wouldn’t contribute to clutter. Salt Spring Kitchen was creating beautiful, elaborate charcuterie platters, Fridays only, during the pandemic. How convenient: their anniversary was also a Friday! It all worked out!

But alas, they selflessly volunteered to take our dear friend off-island for her chemo treatments. On their anniversary, no less!! Who does that?! So sweet. I knew that SOMEONE in the community would love to help celebrate, so a few of us gathered together (from a distance, of course) and made it all happen. It went off without a hitch. Happy Anniversary, you two!

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  1. Thank you so much, Britt! And many thanks to your fellow conspirators!
    We loved the charcuterie box, and it is delicious. As a happy accident, or was it🤔, the box listed what country each delicacy was from. So there it was – the memorable European anniversary dinner my heart had been set on magically appeared on Salt Spring. When the pandemic firmly quashed our plans to see the world, the world came to us! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Island Britt says:

      The universe works in mysterious ways! Happy Anniversary! ❤


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