Take the Step

Even if it Doesn’t Make Sense

This morning, I’m writing to you from my childhood home on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. One week ago, I was on a plane from Taipei, and it was barely a week before that when the idea to be here was planted in my mind. But this isn’t just a story of how I came to be here, although I am still reeling at the speed of it all. This is a story of how you get to stay open to receive miracles.

Morning rays

It began when I applied for a remote job with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Actually, it began so much more before that, with getting into a positive frame of mind and a healthy space, despite Taiwan’s first outbreak of COVID-19. So I was in a space of being open to miracles, open to new opportunities, and breaking out of old limiting patterns, fears and doubts. I pray for this every morning. But essentially, it began when I applied for this job.

You see, I do not live in the same country as this school. I am definitely not fully qualified or experienced for the position. And still, I was excited about it. I thought, “This is something I would love to do!” It would be a huge stretch and a challenge, but I am confident that I could work hard and learn the necessary skills as I went along. The values and people who run this school are something I can easily get behind, too. I’ve learned firsthand that I thrive in workplaces where I believe in and respect the work that I do, and that my entire soul withers away when I do work that goes against my beliefs.

PS, this is true of all of us. Many just haven’t made that connection yet, that spending the majority of their days in a soul-sucking job is the reason they’re sick and miserable.

Historically, I would absolutely not apply for jobs that I didn’t have a guaranteed chance of getting an offer for. The risk of rejection was not something I wanted to face, so I would typically procrastinate or otherwise convince myself that I didn’t actually want this job, really.

This time was, barely, different. I pushed myself past my fears, despite manifesting a busy week, lots to do, and oops – all of a sudden, the application deadline was hours away! I buckled down and completed the incredibly thorough application process, which in itself certainly weeded out many would-be candidates. The biggest obstacle I now faced was acquiring five professional references. I had to reach way back, to before I moved to Taiwan. Again, the fear of judgment or rejection breathed down my neck. This time I thought, well, the most they can do is say no.

One of the people I reached out to was Jane Janzen, who I worked for at AromaCrystal Therapy eons ago and have remained close to ever since. I figured since she’s in the same industry as the herbalism school, they might even know who she is! Of course she agreed to give me a glowing reference, and she added that if I were on island, she would have loads of work for me, and that employers on the island are having a difficult time hiring anyone.


This changed everything. I was so set, mentally, that I would not return to Canada this year due to the pandemic, and yet… here was this opportunity presenting itself. I browsed through the job listings, and sure enough, there were dozens of jobs available for all interests and skillsets. Even dishwashing jobs were offering more than minimum wage!

I took a look at flights, quarantine hotel requirements coming and going, did some calculations, talked to some friends who helped me get over my mental block about not going back to Canada, and wrote back to Jane: I’m in.

Even if, financially, I only broke even, I would still have a better summer than staying in a tiny Taipei apartment in the subtropical summer, in the midst of a semi-lockdown. I could go home, see my family, get vaccinated (not currently an option for the general public in Taiwan), and enjoy Salt Spring Island in its absolute best time of year.

I went ahead and booked my flight & quarantine hotel, spent the next few days preparing to be away for a couple of months, and bam. Here I am.

I did not get the remote job with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, but I got something so much better. I’m sitting on the deck at home, listening to songbirds and the occasional drone of a floatplane, smelling fir trees and catching the sharp whiff of the ocean breeze here and there.

Now remember: this isn’t just my story about getting to this place.

This is a lesson, a reminder, to all of us. Take that next step, even if it doesn’t make sense. Even when it’s scary and you don’t know what lies ahead.

Because even if that thing that’s guiding you forward isn’t the thing you end up getting, trust that it will lead you forward. Keep your eyes open as you move forward in faith, in hope, in excitement and eagerness, and know that something better is always on its way to you.

“It’s this or something better. It’s this or something better.”

Take that step forward, even if it doesn’t make sense from where you’re at right now. Keep moving forward from each signpost. The world awaits!

A black-tailed deer in the backyard this morning

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  1. Linda says:

    I just love that philosophy: “It’s this or something better”. Not being a planner, I think I have unwittingly lived most of my life this way. And it has never failed me. Thanks Britt, for spreading your sunshine everywhere!


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