No One Can Make You Healthy

Hello my lovely, lovely readers! It has been a hot (record-breaking hot!) July over here in Taipei. It has also been the first month, since January, that things have relaxed around the COVID-19 situation and we’ve all been allowed to travel (domestically, of course) and socialize. It’s been pretty grand. Snorkelling, lunches, camping, you name it. Reconnecting with friends who I hadn’t seen in ages, also largely because of the wariness of gatherings and meetings. It’s also been a month of me having recurring cold sores, because of the intense sun. Argh! It’s my first Taiwan summer not spending the day in air-conditioned classrooms, and I’ve been making the most of it outdoors, much to the detriment of my face.

So here we are, or rather here I am, back in the air conditioned apartment, staying cool and working on healing. There’s something about cold sores that really aggravates me, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Louise Hay says the emotional pattern that causes or triggers this symptom is “Burning to bitch. Bitter words left unspoken. Festering angry words & fear of expressing them.” Hm. Well, hard for me to argue with that. Of course, heat and extreme UV exposure do physically aggravate the skin, and… similarly, aggravate us emotionally. I’ve become more snappy in this heat, and find it more challenging than usual to “keep my cool.”

There is always a solution, though. And maybe part of that is learning not to just swallow the little things, not to put up with many little irritating things and to deal with them instead of sweeping them under the rug. Maybe the summer heat is just bringing up all the little things to the surface, to the point where little niggly things just can’t be tolerated anymore. There’s a rhyme and reason to everything, even if we can’t see it.

So, sick and tired of being sick and tired (blisters on the edges of the lip are painful, yo!), and the external medicine the doctor gave me not being “enough” for my aggravation, I reach to what I know: the bridge between the worlds. The translator between physical and metaphysical. The connection between practical and woo-woo: plant medicine.

You see, allopathic Western medicine uses isolated chemical constituents that have been proven as “active” constituents in various medicinal plants. These isolated chemicals alone, while having the benefit of being standardized, do not have the buffer of the whole plant. Meaning, there are usually side effects from pharmaceuticals that a plant extract wouldn’t have. Some herbs together are also greater than the sum of their parts. They have a synergy that a combination of identified, isolated active ingredients just can’t muster up. Plants have affinities for certain tissues, organs, and emotional states.

All this to say: Sometimes we need plant medicine to support our healing.

With my herbal studies, I know for sure that the first plant to reach for to reduce outbreaks of herpes (oral or genital!) is Melissa officinalis, Lemon Balm. It unfortunately struggles to survive in this climate (I can relate…), so I’ve got some on its way from our local herbalist, Vicky at Health Bestowing Hands. I also happened across fresh Reishi mushroom at a local health food store, and I learned through one of my schools, the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, that Reishi also helps combat the herpes virus! Miracle of miracles, that makes TWO power plants that I’ve got on hand, yay! (Hm, power… plant… well, I think you understand my meaning, in context)

Now, remember: just because you have something, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. You actually need to use it. Drink the tea, take the medicine, whatever it is. I know I am not the only person who’s proudly obtained whatever remedy I need, only to plop it neatly on a counter and gaze at it instead of using it. As if it will work through osmosis or something. Tip: it doesn’t. Revolutionary, I know. Those of you who are disciplined about this kind of thing are probably shaking your heads in confusion, but I know there are some of you who totally relate. Also, use what you have. If Vicky didn’t already have Lemon Balm in stock, I wouldn’t go trying to order it from overseas mid-pandemic. I’d stick to Reishi (and the external medicine, of course), and continue researching.

The biggest key in healing…. well, is to want to be healthy. Do you actually WANT to be well? That’s the very first step. Are you ready to relinquish your identity as the sick one? Are you ready to give up whatever pattern is causing this illness to manifest in your physical body? If you’re not willing to change, and you just want a pill-popping solution, all you’re going to get is symptom suppression, with new symptoms popping up in new places, and a clogged liver. And maybe some extra side effects from all those isolated active constituents. I’m not saying plant medicine has to be the only option. It can be a great complement to allopathic medicine. I’m saying that if you’re tired of feeling like crap all the time, things have to change, and the change has to start with you.

No one can make you healthy. Not your doctor. Not me, and energy healer. Nobody. You are the one who must initiate health and change in your life. Those of us who have come into this world as “healers” will help you on your way, on your journey. But it has to begin with you. So tell me: are you ready to get healthy?

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Note: the author is not a medical professional, and the above does not constitute medical advice.
Always consult your medical professional before making any changes that may affect medication, etc. Be well!

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