Something About Crystals

“Hey, random question. Do you use crystals, or know anything about crystals?”

One of my very best friends asked me this question this afternoon, just as I happened to be returning home from a crystal-shopping mission across town. We’ve known each other for the better part of thirty years, and know A LOT about each other and each other’s lives. So when someone who knows me that well is asking me if I know anything about crystals, I know it’s time to get writing. Because yes, I know a thing or two about crystals.

So, I know about crystals. Enough that I had really better get started on an entire page dedicated to crystals, their various English and Chinese names (ok, that part is for my own reference really), their metaphysical uses, how to cleanse and charge them, whether or not they’re water-safe, etc, etc. If any of this is boggling your mind, just bear with me. I won’t get into that too much today. Just enough to say that yes…. I know about crystals.

Now, these days that’s not all that surprising. What health-oriented, spiritual, meditative kinda person doesn’t have a quartz or selenite hanging out in their meditation space? Trust me when I say, I’m grateful that crystals are catching on! (Although, like the over-harvesting of popular plants like white sage, there is an earth-ethical side to this issue too… I’ll get into it more on the Crystals Page when I publish it)

I told my friend I’ve been working with crystals for about 15 years, but now that I think about it, it’s been a lot longer than that. I began working more formally with them in 2012, when I worked at my friend’s mom’s crystal and healing products shop (she makes her own products, they’re divine!!). There were crystals all around the tiny store, and any watch I wore to work would inevitably break because of the strong vibrations of the many crystals around me. The vibrations would often throw off the debit/ credit card machine, but at least the simple old cash register would work.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Oh, here she goes with all the woo-woo stuff again…” honey, I ain’t even started (okay, I don’t actually talk like that). But. Crystals DO actually vibrate at a certain frequency. Why does your watch say “Quartz Movement”? It’s not a brand name. It says that because there is a teeny tiny fragment of quartz crystal inside your watch, helping it tick along at the right pace. Wild, huh? Now imagine: if one teeny tiny piece of quartz can do that, what can hundreds of various kinds of crystals all in one small room do? Well, when I started collecting more of my own, and placed them on display in my bedroom, the microwave on the other side of the wall, in a newly built home, broke. Two microwaves, in fact. That’s when even my mom clued in, and told me I’d better either move all those crystals, or keep buying new microwaves! So now imagine… what can a crystal, combined with the power of our brain, our purpose and intention, do? Hm, just about anything!

To back up a bit: it didn’t just start then. When I was 9 years old, my family went on a cross-Canada road trip (in the middle of the summer, don’t get me started on the heat…). For me and my sister, the highlight of the trip was visiting the open-pit amethyst mine in Northern Ontario. We collected our own rocks, and thus began a never-ending quest for “ooh! shiny!” and a new influx of crystal-bearing gifts.

A few crystals as backdrop for my summer spray

I also learned that Salt Spring Island, my hometown, is rumoured to have a vein of rose quartz running through it. There is lovely pink rhodonite to be found here and there, and many veins of “water quartz” leading straight out to the shorelines. All that love and good vibes built right into the island itself is believed to draw in all sorts of interesting folk. After all, pink stones like rhodonite and rose quartz are all about the healing and self-love. The shop I worked at attracted many interesting people, too. We may find ourselves oddly being drawn to visit a place, or to buy a piece of jewellery, or a knick-knack, because the vibration of the crystals there match something that needs healing in ourselves.

After this many years of working with crystals, I was able to suggest a couple specific ones to my friend. Keep your eyes open though, the Crystal Page will make its way up here on soon enough!

In the meantime though, if you do have any questions about crystals, be sure to send me a message and I’ll share what I know!

I usually select a few crystals when I meditate or have a Reiki session

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