Thursday Night Wishes

A short blessing for you this evening, since it’s late in the day and I didn’t set aside time to write earlier!

  • May you be happy
  • May you be at peace
  • May you be healthy
  • May you live with ease

I took this picture of a dog wandering along the road in Yilan a few years ago. In the background is a vibrant green rice paddy, with a farmer toiling away. Life seems so simple in this moment.

I don’t recall what inspired me at the time, to write these four lines. But then, who can say what inspires any of us ever?

The important thing is that we take inspired action when it comes to us. Sometimes it seems crazy, because we can’t see the big picture. Just like how we often can’t see Taipei 101, FKA the tallest building in the world, when we’re standing a block away. We sometimes have to just trust, and keep walking, one inspired step after another, sharing what comes through us.

At least, that’s what I’ve found. I still definitely do not see any kind of bigger picture, but sometimes I feel like I get glimpses here and there, enough to keep on going.

So be well. Have a beautiful, blessed Thursday!

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