What Would You Do, If You Could Do Anything?

When I ask people what their hobbies are, sometimes… they have no answers. “Uhh, sleep, I guess.” But you know that’s not the answer. Deep down, you know. So I ask again:

If you had ALL the time and ALL the money in the world, and didn’t have to worry about your job, where would you go? What would you do?

Now usually they kind of giggle. There’s often more of an answer ready and waiting to burst out from behind sealed lips: “I would buy a mansion!” or “I would travel to [insert dream destination here]!” But invariably, someone just shrugs and says, “I’d go visit Hokkaido” (the Vancouverite’s equivalent of a trip to Mexico).

You might ponder why. Why so humble a request. Is it that this person, living with their parents and siblings in a rented apartment just outside Taipei City, is it that this person is already so content with life that he or she doesn’t have any cares or desires in the world? Could that be it? Or is it, perhaps, that this person has never allowed herself to dream big? Could not bear the disappointment at the thought, the mere idea, of having a life bigger and grander and more expansive than the one currently being lived?

In my experience, from my own life, I’d say it’s the latter.

A mountain cafe, perhaps?

Growing up with dreams quashed, for various reasons, by various people important to you and, later on, by your own limiting ideas and beliefs. “Oh, meh, I wouldn’t change anything.” Because you have already suffered the pain and disappointment of seeing your dreams, your passion, your desires, your aspirations, being tossed into the gutter never to be seen again. You cannot bear, in civil conversation, to consider dreaming again. So you make do with what you have, spend money on things that make you happy in the short-term, and don’t put energy into anything deeply fulfilling that could have a deep, meaningful impact on your life. Because you don’t want to rock the boat, again.

I am aware there are people out there in this world whose dreams were not quashed, but rather, encouraged. I am not one of those people. I have spent some years of my adult life weeding out people who spit on my dreams, and treasuring the ones who would see them thrive. I am also guessing that you, since you are reading this, are probably also not one of those people and may be able to relate. {If you ARE someone whose dreams were always encouraged, thank you for reading, and thank you for being a shining, positive role model to those of us who need a guiding light!}

So to those of you who could use a little encouragement: don’t be afraid to dream. Your desires were placed in your heart for a reason. Those desires, those dreams, those whisperings of your soul, the ones that make your heart dance and leap like butterflies – until you remember to be “practical” and the net comes smashing down over your dreams, trapping them forever, CRASH.

THOSE desires. Those are the ones that are here to guide you. When you follow those desires, those dreams, those “whimsies,” you will be guided and supported. I promise you, magical things will happen in your life when you walk through the fear, past all the naysayers and all the people desperately trying to keep you safe but sadly killing all of your butterfly dreams in the process. Walk past it all, through it all, and you will open your eyes to see a whole new world [cue Aladdin song] and new people will trickle into your life as you become ready for them.

When you open yourself up to your dreams, even just a little, you create space for magic to happen. Read this out loud:

I am open to creative possibilities.

Dream big, friends. I would love for you to share your dreams and desires with me! Please head on over to my brand new Facebook group, “Island Britt Inspiration & Encouragement.” The name is perhaps a little wordy 😉 I’m open to creative suggestions on a new name, haha! See you there!

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