Gazing into the river of life, what do you see? Rushing waters, or a calm flow?

Gaze inwards. Do you see obstacles here, or inner calm?

Stop reaching for higher heights. Even the tallest tree will break if it stands alone.

Instead, reach inwards. Seek to calm the rapids in your heart, and in turn calm the waters flowing through and around you.

I know I have a lot to learn from nature. The coexisting, the strength, the acceptance of the steady ebbs and flows of the cycles of life.

How do I go with the flow, and maintain trust that I can move on with ease when the time is right?

To keep my spirit strong, I try to remember to let go…. bolstering myself with plant allies, nature walks, and what precious time I have with people I love.

I wrote this last summer, and it’s just as true today. Every day is a reminder to go inwards, to check in with myself and listen to my inner truth. What’s your truth?

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