It’s Time for Self-Care

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. A lot. Big things, things that won’t just go away no matter how much we try to just look the other way, bury our heads in the sand, and ignore them. These things will keep on happening, and it’s up to us to step up and be part of the solution.

One thing though… some of us LOVE to help others! More than we love to help ourselves. Does this sound familiar? You are IN this cause, you are FIGHTING, you are supporting, you are sharing, you are giving and donating and commenting and arguing and tirelessly, endlessly, explaining and listening and researching and educating. This year seems to be the year that needs ALL of your attention, all the time.

Oh, and life hasn’t stopped. If anything, it’s gotten even busier than usual. Doesn’t Life know that you don’t have time for this? You have so many things going on, you don’t need more stuff at work, or your pet getting sick, or that employee leaving and you have to pick up his/ her slack, and your students are graduating, there are extra reports, your boss needs you to magically become a videographer and film editor overnight, you need to become Insta-famous overnight to get your side hustle up and running, and on and on and on…

But what about YOU? Where’s the time for you? Where’s the self care? Where’s the love for you? Who is looking after YOU?

We need you. The world needs helpers, #nowmorethanever. But how can you help, if you don’t take time out to rest and recuperate? What can you give, when you’re so burnt out that there is nothing left of you to give? How can your passion and internal fire burn, when you don’t refuel yourself?

I encourage you to take any time you can, to reconnect with yourself and recharge. For me today, that looked like returning to my herbal studies and focusing on how plants can help rebuild our health and immune system. I get really passionate learning and talking about our plant allies, and how we have evolved together over millennia. Then, I turned to my little plant friends on my back balcony, re-potted them, and cleaned up piles of old pots and soil that have been stacking up for months. Best to get that all cleaned up before the next typhoon hits, as one is bound to this summer.

I spent less time in the virtual world, and more time in the tangible world in front of me. More time getting grounded, reading, studying, and being present.

The Lotus reminds us to get calm and centered. It also makes a great medicine, and the roots and seeds taste delicious!

I don’t know what self-care looks like for you. I don’t know what makes you feel grounded and whole. Maybe it’s baking, cooking, running, walking with a friend, taking a nice soak in a bubble bath, or…? Whatever it is, take a little time out and recharge yourself. The world needs you. All of you. And we can’t have all of you if you don’t take care of yourself now. Eat healthy food. Take three deep breaths before you eat, to help activate your parasympathetic nervous system and engage your digestive system. Chew your food, so your digestive enzymes have a better chance at breaking down all of the nutrients. Drink more water throughout the day. And leave your phone farrrrrr away from your bed tonight. Turn off your notifications. Phone on silent. The world will still be here tomorrow (even if it doesn’t seem like it!). Rest, my dear warrior. Recharge.

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