Let Your Creativity Shine

You can wait, delay, paralyze yourself, or reduce your creativity almost to nothing. But you cannot abolish it.

A Course In Miracles

I used to think I wasn’t creative, because I wasn’t magically talented at art, or music. For some reason I thought, as a kid, that if I wasn’t already good at something, then I just wasn’t good at it. Somewhere along the lines of Life School, I missed the day where somebody explained that to get good at something, you need to work at it. Hello! (PS, if you missed that lesson too, here you go!)

In high school, I really thought that I shouldn’t, or couldn’t, enroll in art class because I wasn’t a talented artist. I compared myself to the kids who were naturally very artistic, and compared my artistic ability to my academic ability in other areas, and decided that I wasn’t good at it, game over. Never mind that the whole point of art class was to learn something!

Passionflower Moon

Somewhere, I picked up this message, this idea, that I was already too old to learn new things. Which now, is obviously absurd. But how many of you are sitting here in adulthood, reading this, thinking of how ridiculous it is for a teenager to think he or she is too old to learn something… while also believing that YOU are too old to learn something?! Yes, you.

We are constantly learning, growing, changing, evolving, expanding. Crossword puzzles and language learning help keep the brain sharp as we age. Learning any new skill helps keep our brains sharp. Age is just a number. What matters is the quality of life we have as we age. Do you believe you’re old just because you’re [30/40/50/60…]-something? You sure look young to someone a decade older than you! So get creative.

I believe that our creativity gets to be expressed in different ways, including how we dress, accessorize, style our hair, or do makeup. Creativity isn’t “just” art, or drawing. But it can be that, too – why not take an art class, if you’ve always wanted to? Go to a jewelry-making workshop, just because you can. Experiment with fabric and plant dyes. Write. Take photographs. Learn wire-wrapping. Arrange flowers. Learn how to cook new dishes! It’s never too late.

Wire-wrapped crystals, made by the author

Our creative center is in our second chakra, the sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana. This is the womb area in women, where new life may grow. But if you’re not a woman, or aren’t producing offspring, you still get to be creative. I really believe that as long as we’re creating and expressing ourselves, this is a healthy expression of our inner self. Getting creative can be a great way to heal and reconnect with this chakra.

How do you let your creativity shine? Do you play with plants in your spare time? Doodle? Cook, or bake? Find time to let yourself shine!

Orchid, in a handmade ceramic teacup

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