On Faith:

God across languages and culture

I remember clearly, as a small kid, asking my mom about why there were wars, and she explained that they were fighting about their gods.

It was so, so bizarre to me, and still is to this day.

If you truly believe in One God, how can you possibly fight with another because they use a different name and different practices to worship God? Do you really not understand that there is one God, and that you are all brothers and sisters beneath this one sky? Can you not just come together joyously and celebrate together, that you all believe in, have faith in, and fully trust and love your one god? What if you just learned and taught the name in the new language, the cultural practices developed over centuries, what if you just celebrated that we all believe in the same freaking thing, and like the different shades of our skin, the different colours of our eyes and hair, we have different shades and facets of worshipping?

Some of us see God in nature. In the rising of the sun each day, and the reliability of the seasons, of the rise and fall of the tide. Some hear God in the ringing of church bells or the call to prayer, in the raising of voices high up to the rafters. Some see God in the birth of a child, in the passing of a loved one, in the kind act of a stranger. Some see God in the certainty of mathematics and scientific proof.

And NONE OF US ARE WRONG. And there is no reason to fight.

Drop your arms. Drop your guard. Drop your fear, your fights, your defenses. Trust in your god, whatever he or she or they, or whatever pronouns your language and belief leads you to, looks like.

Open your arms and embrace your global brothers and sisters, in curiosity and in openness, and love and excitement and gladness. Connect your hands in gladness and love and the oneness that transcends language and cultural differences.

We are all one, under one sky, with our one Creator. Do you get it??
If you are fighting against another because you use a different name for God, or worship in a different way,I encourage you to step back and reexamine your faith. How on earth can you truly call yourself faithful, if you are fighting against another just because they use a different word or way to worship?

Trust. Keep the faith. Feel the love. Raise yourself and others. Celebrate our connection.

The end.

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