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In Heartfelt Praise of Farmers Markets

When you buy local vegetables from your farmers market, check in with yourself when you make the purchase. How is your energy?

Where is the place you are making this purchase from?

You know logically, in your mind, that buying local is good. You know that organic produce is the healthy choice, the “right” choice, and it just looks so beautiful anyway, you should really just buy it and it’s fresher than supermarket food that’s taken days to get to the shelves.

Yellow, red, purple, and green peppers piled up at a farmer's market
Rainbow Peppers at SSI Farmer’s Market

But where is your energy coming from?

What is happening as you make that purchase, and take those vegetables away?

Are you cringing at the thought of all that money you spent on veggies, when you could have bought a week’s worth for that price at <Giant Supermarket Chain>?

If so, those organic, local veggies probably aren’t going to help you as much as they could.

Heaps of organic beets, carrots, and heirloom tomatoes at a farmer's market
You can smell the vibrancy from here!

“But Britt, veggies are veggies are veggies. They all have the same nutrients, and anyway, don’t you know these are organic and don’t have all sorts of weird pesticides? Of course they’re good for me, and dude, do you have any idea how much money I just spent?? How can you tell me they weren’t a good purchase decision?”

No, okay that’s not what I’m saying. BUY THE LOCAL ORGANIC VEGGIES please!!

But don’t, do not, do it from a place of restriction, fear, and lack. Do not buy those vegetables from a place of “oh god, why am I doing this, this is such a waste of money.” No. Stop. Bad.

Instead, take a moment to appreciate those vegetables. Before you buy them. Admire their beauty, displayed in those stands. Feel gratitude for the farmer standing in front of you, who woke up at the crack of dawn to pick and wash those veggies and then drive into town to set up their Farmer’s Market booth (no small feat, let me assure you. Set-up is a riot). Feel joy that the soil that food is grown in, is nourished and well. That no harmful pesticides have washed into the Earth or into the streams. That the little critters and worms and birds that in turn feed on them, all get to live their lives in peace and harmony and health. That the entire ecosystem is whole, because that farmer standing in front of you, made the decision to heal the land and heal the bodies of the people who eat the food grown on that land.

A hand touches a bundle of organic blueberries, still on the bush

Know that these vegetables weren’t picked with heavy machinery, but instead by hand. That they weren’t transported halfway across the world or the continent, packaged and labelled in plastic wrap, stored in air conditioned supermarkets, only to be transported farther again.

They are literally going from farm to table.

The monetary cost of vegetables from your local Farmers Market vs the <Giant Chain Supermarket> is in inverse proportion to the vast environmental and health cost of mass produced food.

So when you make that purchase, change EVERYTHING on the inside. Outwardly, it looks the same: you examine the vegetables, pick through some, take what you like, and hand the farmer your cash in exchange. It all looks the same from the outside. In the physical world, nothing changes in that moment.

But on the inside, everything changes. And everything is energy. So when you take that moment to remember WHY we support local, why we buy organic, why we smile and say thank you (and really mean it), everything changes. So now, instead of buying from a place of fear and restriction and lack and “oh that’s so damn expensive just for some freaking carrots,” you’re handing money to that farmer from a place of incredible, deep gratitude and respect. Respect for the earth, for the land, for the creatures that roam it, for the work and care of the farmer (your neighbour), for your own body that carries you around through this life. And that, coming from a place of deep gratitude and higher energy, changes the way you consume those vegetables, where they taste so good and vibrant, and in turn they help to raise the vibrational energy of your physical body. They help remind you of the goodness and worthiness that you are.

A vegetable stand at a farmer's market, with two vendors chatting happily behind their produce
Vibrant Vegetable Vendors

And so even if you have very little money in this moment, make choices when you can. Even in the <Giant Chain Supermarket>, venture over to the “Local Produce” or “Organic” sections and let yourself be surprised. Seasonal produce is often on sale at the same price as, or cheaper (!) than, mass-produced vegetables. Make these choices consciously, splurge (treat yourself!) when you can, from a place of love and appreciation. 

And I promise you, that bit by bit, your health and life will change. By elevating your energy and the health of your physical body in this way, bit by bit, you will grow healthier and happier, more energetic, more positive. Your eyes will brighten.

And the world around you will sing. 

A young praying mantis rests on a mint leaf
Critters keep the plants healthy, too


Salt Spring Island Farmers Market
Tuesday Farmers Market: You can still shop local, here’s how!

Taipei: We are so lucky to have local, seasonal veggies year-round! Many are organic, and even supermarkets such as RT-Mart have a great selection of organic.
An easy-to-find farmer’s market is at Yuanshan MRT station. Click here for more info.

Making Earth-Friendly Choices: My friend Levi Hildebrand has a great YouTube channel (as well as Facebook and Instagram), detailing simple ways we can make small changes in our lives to help the earth. I highly recommend following him, checking out his videos, and implementing what you can!
Find him here: Levi Hildebrand YouTube

Chilliwack Organic Blueberries: the location I visited is not on Google maps, and I can’t remember the name. However, searching for then will yield many results! It’s definitely worth the price, especially since berries suck up all sorts of pesticides (gross), so they’re one of the most important foods to buy organic.

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  1. This! Yes! ‘You are what you eat’ applies to spiritual nutrition, not just physical nutrition!


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