How Do I Know I’m on Track?

This morning, in meditation, I journalled. I called on guidance, and asked for words to come through me, for whatever message I’m meant to share, to come out. I believe that I’m meant to share what I know, and that these messages are also meant for me to learn, and then to pass on to YOU! It feels a little funny sharing my journal entries, like unlocking the secret diary of my childhood, but there it is. My not-so-secret messages, to you!
Rain droplets on a sunlit leaf
Pay attention to the small details. The way sunbeams light up rain droplets on leaves as they rest on the forest floor.
Picture taken in Ruckle Park, on September 25, 2013

I am a child of the most high. My spirit team is cheering me on and guiding me daily,
I need only practice following their signs. Think of it like a divine treasure hunt.

Feel the love. Feel the joy, laughter and childlike wonder in pursuing this path, this one that lights me up, full of joy, full of light, full of sparkly, glittery vibrance.

Feel the joy, and invite others to join you in looking for the next sign. How do YOU know you’re on the right track? We speak to you in signs, in knowings. In numbers, patterns, beams of light, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, birds, lizards, a deer lifting her head to gaze at you in a moment of stillness.

A rainbow. Words of encouragement from a friend or a stranger. We speak through them, and through you. So, how do YOU know you’re on the right track?

Pictures taken on Salt Spring Island, September 25, 2013
Sansum Narrows, from Mount Erskine
Sunlit ripples on the ocean floor, Ruckle Park
Mini mushroom forest, Ruckle Park
Morning light, Long Harbour Road

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