You Already Have the Answer

What you want, is already yours.

I don’t mean this in any kind of abstract sense. I mean, it really truly is already yours. You have it.

If you’re saying, “Britt, do you SEE my life? Do you see what a mess this all is? Do you even SEE what’s going on here?!” then I tell you, yes. I see it. And I still say you have your answer. If your life is a mess, like a huge messy cluttered room where you can’t even see the surface of anything, and you have to move one pile of things onto another pile of things just to sit on the couch, or sit down at the table for supper, then yeah. You have your answer. You just can’t freaking see it or find it, because your room is so damn cluttered.

Night Market Lights
One person’s clutter, is another person’s treasure

Except the room is your mind. It’s your life. You need to Marie Kondo the shit out of your life. You do NOT, I repeat, do NOT need to bring more things into your life!!! Everything you need is already within your grasp. You just. need. to. find. it.

This process, the one of cleaning your life, cleaning your mind, getting rid of the junk that’s taking up space and no longer serving you, well… if your anything like my mom, it’s gonna take some time. It’s going to take some sacrifice. It’s going to take some decision making, and it might feel really ruthless at times (why do I keep having images of my mom cleaning out clutter come to mind?! Sorry, Mom). You probably will not be very successful if you try this alone, because you’ve held onto these beliefs, these practices, and these habits, for so. freaking. long that you really truly believe you need every single last one of these elastic bands/ Happy Meal toys/ candle stubs/ beach rocks/ paper clips/ old newspapers/ etc, etc.

You probably are gonna need someone to lovingly, gently, and firmly remind you that those things are not actually serving you anymore, and it’s time to let them go, so you can:

a) Create space to bring new lovely things into your life
b) Find that damn thing you wished you had this whole time, but it was actually piled under all those beach rocks and candle stubs and newspapers, and actually you had five of them in storage after all.

I realize I may be the queen of mixed metaphors and run-on sentences at the moment, but I hope what I’m saying is making sense regardless.

If you’re so scattered in your life that you just don’t know where to begin, don’t try to clean your whole damn house in one day all by yourself. Set yourself up for success. Decide TODAY on one small area that you can improve, TODAY. Such as, getting your minimum number of steps in today. OR, putting the phone down and observing the world around you for more minutes today. OR, putting healthy foods into your body today. OR, having tea instead of coffee today. OR, reaching out for help and asking someone where on earth to begin, today. (Tip – that person could be me)

Although I have yet to actually Marie Kondo my physical home, and the idea of it feels complicated as heck because half the stuff in our home isn’t even mine, I have applied this concept to old beliefs/ thoughts/ fears, under the guidance and support of coaches and mentors. The peace of mind I have today is unbelievable, compared to where I was at even just six months ago. Am I a freaking millionaire? Not yet 😉
Nor was that my goal when I began this inner work. I just wanted to find that darn peace of mind, I knew I had it in here somewhere… aha! And sure enough, there it is.

Bear with me, folks. I am STILL trying to figure out how to set up online booking platforms, etc. In the meantime, if you know you want to work with me, if you know you could use my help decluttering and sorting out your life, and your headspace, please reach out! I am available, I am here to bring light into your lives, so you can see what you already have and know and are.

PS: You are and know and have ENOUGH, you amazing person you. You probably just can’t see it yet

Talk soon!

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