Who Am I?

This journal entry is inspired by Amanda Frances’ podcast. The episode is called, Know Who the F You Are!

She asks (and I was jotting this down while pausing the podcast, so not entirely verbatim… go listen to it for yourself!): Who am I when I feel myself, when I feel my best, when I drop the fear, the guilt, the drama, the insecurity. Who am I when I am owning my truth, when I believe in myself,

Who am I?

So I putzed around a little, but I’m not at my house, so there’s only so much procrastinating I can do. I sat down, pictured myself when im happiest, when I’m alone, or with people I feel totally myself around, and out came:

Fun, relaxed, quirky, curious, loving. I sing random words and songs that com to me, and caress plants, I talk to animals like they understand (because they can). I do what feels right, I am surrounded by people who feel good to be around, who inspire me and I inspire them!

Give and take. Sharing energy and “out-there” ideas.

Talking openly about energy, chakras, the power of our thoughts to transform our lives and bodies.

I feel bold and honest, and proud of myself even if I feel a little shy to reveal myself for the first time. I own it, and it feels good. To be me!

I confidently share my knowledge, because it is so true and so helpful in that moment. I love encouraging others to share and own their gifts, too!

I just feel love and calm and acceptance, and can clearly define boundaries.

It’s so easy to just do the things, and everything I do, I do with love and awareness.

Because I am. And I am enough.

Does my grammar make sense, is it perfect? No. Because it’s a journal, and its purpose is to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto paper where I can see them. It makes them more true by giving them voice.

I have so much to say about this. What we give voice to, becomes true. Our voices and thoughts are powerful. But that’s for another time.

I imagine some people in my life reading this and thinking my image of me sounds crazy. But I also know the people who really know me, probably are laughing or cheering me on and saying “Yes, you quirky passionate plant-fanatic you, go be your loving weird self!” At least that’s what I hope.

So much love to you all, and I wish you health and wellness and happiness, joy, wealth, abundance and love.



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  1. What a wonderful article! So appropriate for me right now. My TA just gave me a blank journal for our upcoming year of adventure, and I’m thrilled. There is something about physical writing, letting your thoughts and feelings flow down your arm, through a pen, and onto paper that modern technology cannot duplicate. Years later, reading it again, a bit of soul memory flows back up your arm and into your soul. The body memory of writing the entry brings back thoughts and feelings of that time far beyond what is triggered by the words alone.

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